My Week In Pictures: New York City

 Since this year marks my Mum's 50th Birthday and my graduation we both decided to go on a little trip to New York.  A venture that as you can imagine I was particularly excited for. Growing up we were never able to have family holidays, my Mum hadn't been on a plane since I was born, and I've only ever been on one once on a school trip. Altogether we where just plain excited (geddit?).

Whilst we where there we stayed at the beautiful Westhouse Hotel, which was not only a stunning building filled with lovely staff but being only a 5 minute walk from Time Square seemed to be close to practically all the major tourist locations. Since we only had a week (just under actually) we spent most of it doing the major tourist things we'd always heard about: Empire State building, Rockefeller Centre, Tiffany's, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Sephora.

Also being major musical theatre nerds we had to go and see a few Broadway plays, 'Its only a play' which was in previews during my visit was hilarious, both my Mum and I found ourselves getting ridiculously excited everytime Stockard Channing took to the stage. As for actual musicals,  we managed to see Les Mis, which has been on must watch list for the longest time. We were especially excited to she Ramin Kamilroo as Jean Valjean. We'd seen him previously as the Phantom on the West end and loved his performance both times.  Finally we went to see Wicked, I know this is super popular in the musical theatre community but if I'm honest it was just OK (Please don't hate me). The theatre itself though was amazing, I'm pretty sure we where the last leave we couldn't stop wondering around searching out all famous names and faces in the hall of fame.

My Mum is far to excited for Stockard Channing 

In the end, we basically spent the week eating junk food. Cake Boss cannolis, Juniors and Magnolia bakery were all on the menu. Along with a scarily large amount of hot dogs, burgers and chips - which were all delicious. New York; I love you.