Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

I've spoken before about my love of spirulina, the weird green algae that seems to provide me with limitless amounts of pep.  Honestly I don't know what I did before I discovered it, but since I have it goes into pretty much every breakfast option I have: chia seed, oats, smoothies, juices the works. Recently I've been loving it in this smoothie bowl which is my current favourite weekend breakfast (its not quite as quick to make as my oats or standard smoothies). Its super thick, creamy and delicious. If your a fan of banana soft serve think of this as a more nutrient packed version!

Ingredients (makes one greedy serving)

1 Medium very ripe banana Banana
120g Strawberries
2 tbs Greek Yoghurt (I use Total 0%)
1-2 tsp Spirulina
1 cup of Water


I like to keep frozen bananas and strawberries on hand for emergency smoothie purposes but alternatively just pop in a few ice cubes to keep things chilled. Pop it all into the blender and whizz till smooth


My favourites are cocoa nibs, chia seeds, hemp, and fresh strawberries, but blueberries, coconut and bee pollen are all delicious - who I'm I to judge but whatever you like on it, and enjoy!!

Risky Business

I love wearing ankle boots, regardless of the weather I always think they give a mod vibe to any outfit. My most recent addition to my collection are the Asos Risky Business Ankle Boots, in Ice Blue. I've wanted a pair of lighter/whiter boots for ages but they always seem to be at least £100 which I just couldn't commit to, these are much more affordable. They seem to be pretty good quality too. Although I always feel that Asos quality is a bit hit and miss but hopefully they will last well. They're pretty comfy and so easy to wear with dresses, jeans and skirts. The subtle blue shade goes with practically everything and helps to stop my usually monochromatic outfits feeling too drab.

Nars Dragon Girl

Is it sad to admit that I bought a lipstick largely because Taylor Swift said she wears it? Probably. Do I regret it? Not at all.

This was my first trying of any of the Nars lip products (I was already a big fan of their base offerings). I must say I'm pretty damn impressed, but when T-Swift says it's good what do you expect. Just in case your not up on your Taylor Swift trivia I'm actually talking about the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.

I suppose this fits into the 'reds' category, although its got a pinker undertone than most reds, almost fuchsia which I love. I feel as though for my skin tone its much more wearable than a more standard true red. The pencil shape means its really easy to apply and lets you cheat your lip line a little. Although I'm currently trying to back away from this as much as possible (I was starting to look a little too Kylie Jenner). The staying powers also pretty great as well. I wore this for my birthday meal and it didn't budge despite copious amounts of pizza and vodka.

If you into matte lipsticks its defiantly worth checking it out, if you can get hold of it.

Crazy for Concealers

I'm a concealer girl, foundation I can forgo, mascara I can skip, and its rare I can be bothered with lipstick. But being and acne ridden twenty something means that concealer is the one thing I can never skip. As a result I've developed a collection of concealers all of which feel completely essential in my routine.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

It took me so long to actually by this, but thank God I did. Its has a lightweight formula that blends really seamlessly in to the skin, with pretty high coverage. I apply it straight on to the skin and blend it in either with my beauty blender or with a my fingers. I usually apply it areas larger areas of my face under my eyes, around my nose even in the centre of my forehead and under my chin, since its so light diffusing. Its also my go to choice for a 'skip the foundation concealer option'.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

People seem to really hate this one, which I can understand. Its really dry texture means that one first swatch you can literally imagine the flakey skin appearing around the blemish. But thats not actually the case. Its perfect for some Lisa Eldridge style pinpoint concealing. I use an eyeliner brush apply it directly over the blemish tap it in with my finger a little and I know that its covered all day. Honestly its a hero.

Clinque All About Eyes

This might be my longest running concealer love, in fact its probably time I ditched this tube and replaced it. All though the texture can feel a little heavy its SO heavily pigmented that you need just the smallest dot to do a whole face. In fact I usually end up having too much on the back of my hand. This is the one I bust out when theres a serious eye bag situation going on, I pop it on doing the old Kim Kardashian style triangle and I know they'll be gone.

Autumn Daze and Pumpkin Pies

I love autumn. There I said it. Does this make me super basic now? Is that even a bad thing? I don't know. But I do know I love autumn. In an effort to annoy strangers everywhere I've been basking in my 'basic-ness' (is that a word, it is now anyway) and enjoying everything autumnul.

Little Lush Pumpkin Purchase 

I ended up spending far more than I could justify at the grocers on pumpkins and sqaush to decorate the house with. I still had to be forcable restrained from buying more. I managed to create a bit of a fall decor, and decorated some pumpkins for by the door. Am I increadibly sad yet? probably so.

For the first time ever I attempted to make Pumpkin Pie. Since my trip to New York I've been obbessed with american food, which has so far invloved me walking up and down the american section of Tesco's waiting for them to bring out candy corn. On a side note, why don't we have candy corn in the UK? Is there a petition to sign ? First on my list of American foods to try at home has been Pumpkin Pie.

 I've got to admit having never actually eaten a pumpkin prior to this I was a little nervous about the whole thing but apprently it was unwarrented. For the pastry I used the standard sweet shortcrust pastry I always use which is from Paul Hollywood blind baked it to avoid the infamous 'soggy bottom'. I used the filling recpie from here since it was the only one I could find where all the ingredients where already found in my cupoards.

The Green Smoothie Recipie

A few months ago in an effort to make mornings more productive, and nutrious I ditched the cherios in favour of green smoothies. After a few months of experimentation I've feel as though I've finally found a recipie that is tasty, nutrious and doesn't leave me starving by 10 am.

Since I started to drink this for breakfast I've seen my energy levels soar (which I'm pretty sure is thanks to the spirulina more than anything), the clarity of my skin improve, and really just felt like a heathlier person. This recpie isn't super exact since nobody's got time for weights and measures first thing in the morning. But nevertheless heres roughly what I do. 

The Green Monster Smothie - makes around two large glasses 

1 Large handful of spinach or other leafy green 
1 stick of celery 
1/4 cup of cucumber 
2 tsp of Spriulina Powder
2 tsp of Maca powder
1 tsp of Ground flaxseed
1 to 2 dates 
1/2 cup of coconut water 
hanful of ice cubes and enough normal water to reach the desired texture. 
Pop it all into the blender on high and enjoy. 

My Week In Pictures: New York City

 Since this year marks my Mum's 50th Birthday and my graduation we both decided to go on a little trip to New York.  A venture that as you can imagine I was particularly excited for. Growing up we were never able to have family holidays, my Mum hadn't been on a plane since I was born, and I've only ever been on one once on a school trip. Altogether we where just plain excited (geddit?).

Whilst we where there we stayed at the beautiful Westhouse Hotel, which was not only a stunning building filled with lovely staff but being only a 5 minute walk from Time Square seemed to be close to practically all the major tourist locations. Since we only had a week (just under actually) we spent most of it doing the major tourist things we'd always heard about: Empire State building, Rockefeller Centre, Tiffany's, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Sephora.

Also being major musical theatre nerds we had to go and see a few Broadway plays, 'Its only a play' which was in previews during my visit was hilarious, both my Mum and I found ourselves getting ridiculously excited everytime Stockard Channing took to the stage. As for actual musicals,  we managed to see Les Mis, which has been on must watch list for the longest time. We were especially excited to she Ramin Kamilroo as Jean Valjean. We'd seen him previously as the Phantom on the West end and loved his performance both times.  Finally we went to see Wicked, I know this is super popular in the musical theatre community but if I'm honest it was just OK (Please don't hate me). The theatre itself though was amazing, I'm pretty sure we where the last leave we couldn't stop wondering around searching out all famous names and faces in the hall of fame.

My Mum is far to excited for Stockard Channing 

In the end, we basically spent the week eating junk food. Cake Boss cannolis, Juniors and Magnolia bakery were all on the menu. Along with a scarily large amount of hot dogs, burgers and chips - which were all delicious. New York; I love you.