The Green Smoothie Recipie

A few months ago in an effort to make mornings more productive, and nutrious I ditched the cherios in favour of green smoothies. After a few months of experimentation I've feel as though I've finally found a recipie that is tasty, nutrious and doesn't leave me starving by 10 am.

Since I started to drink this for breakfast I've seen my energy levels soar (which I'm pretty sure is thanks to the spirulina more than anything), the clarity of my skin improve, and really just felt like a heathlier person. This recpie isn't super exact since nobody's got time for weights and measures first thing in the morning. But nevertheless heres roughly what I do. 

The Green Monster Smothie - makes around two large glasses 

1 Large handful of spinach or other leafy green 
1 stick of celery 
1/4 cup of cucumber 
2 tsp of Spriulina Powder
2 tsp of Maca powder
1 tsp of Ground flaxseed
1 to 2 dates 
1/2 cup of coconut water 
hanful of ice cubes and enough normal water to reach the desired texture. 
Pop it all into the blender on high and enjoy.