Crazy for Concealers

I'm a concealer girl, foundation I can forgo, mascara I can skip, and its rare I can be bothered with lipstick. But being and acne ridden twenty something means that concealer is the one thing I can never skip. As a result I've developed a collection of concealers all of which feel completely essential in my routine.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

It took me so long to actually by this, but thank God I did. Its has a lightweight formula that blends really seamlessly in to the skin, with pretty high coverage. I apply it straight on to the skin and blend it in either with my beauty blender or with a my fingers. I usually apply it areas larger areas of my face under my eyes, around my nose even in the centre of my forehead and under my chin, since its so light diffusing. Its also my go to choice for a 'skip the foundation concealer option'.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

People seem to really hate this one, which I can understand. Its really dry texture means that one first swatch you can literally imagine the flakey skin appearing around the blemish. But thats not actually the case. Its perfect for some Lisa Eldridge style pinpoint concealing. I use an eyeliner brush apply it directly over the blemish tap it in with my finger a little and I know that its covered all day. Honestly its a hero.

Clinque All About Eyes

This might be my longest running concealer love, in fact its probably time I ditched this tube and replaced it. All though the texture can feel a little heavy its SO heavily pigmented that you need just the smallest dot to do a whole face. In fact I usually end up having too much on the back of my hand. This is the one I bust out when theres a serious eye bag situation going on, I pop it on doing the old Kim Kardashian style triangle and I know they'll be gone.